Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Quilt

Despite the oppression
of the Great Depression
Creative women did not fail
to provide a quilt of farewell...

According to one block on this quilt it was over 81 years ago that many of the women of Mt. Trumbull embroidered their names on this friendship quilt for Delilah Alldredge. She and her sons soon left that cactus flat to move the 60 miles north to St. George, Utah where there were more opportunities.

While cleaning out the home of Verl and Ada Alldredge two years ago this sailboat-block quilt was found. Verl is the youngest son of Delila.

We are interested in all of the women who signed this quilt. They each have a story. We have added a page for each person. Please click on the names to the right to see each embroidered name.

We would be honored if you are willing to share a story or photo of any of these stalwart women of the Arizona Strip. Please send to Thank you.

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